Recover Well

Myofascial tools at Oakville Massage clinic

For those who train for a sport or for self betterment, getting stronger, faster, more agile, fitter, or more muscular requires consistent and progressive overload. We need to specifically challenge our systems in order to progress. If we do the same exercises for the same rep scheme with the same weights the same days a week you will progress up to a point then things will stay…well, the same. To adapt and change we need to challenge our systems. Recovering from an injury, whether it be after a surgery, coming out of a cast, an ankle sprain, and even chronic issues requires consistent attention to specific exercises. If our shoulder is stiff and it doesn’t get moved it will likely stay stiff. Recovering from athletic training is slightly different than recovery from injury but applies similar principles. Some things that help someone who is training recover well includes:

  • Proper sleep – our bodies recover and heal as we sleep.
  • Proper nutrition – generally a “healthy” and balanced diet covers this but it may be helpful to consult with someone to help you meet your goals to fuel workouts and recovery
  • Smoking Cessation – this will be a post of its own
  • Rest Days – if you are working at a certain capacity to overload muscles, they need to be rested to recover and prevent injury
  • Cycles – progressive overload over time and then backing off  to “reset” will allow your body to recover and prepare you to challenge it again.
  •  Self Care – including stretching, use of a lacrosse ball or trigger point ball, foam rolling can be helpful for tissue recovery – a Physiotherapist can help set you up with a specific program for your needs
  • Massage Therapy / Soft Tissue Work – A Massage Therapist can assist in tissue recovery with different techniques.
Carol using the Arm-Aid at Palermo to help loosen tight forearm muscles.
Carol using the Arm-Aid at Palermo to help loosen tight forearm muscles.