Reasons to Get Regular Massage Therapy!

Massage Therapy in Oakville
Why do you access Massage? 

Patients come for Massage Therapy at our Oakville Physio and Wellness clinic for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Relaxation
  • Sports Recovery
  • Rehabilitative (post joint replacement, frozen shoulder, injury)

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Question (s):

Do you treat yourself to regular Massage Therapy? Do you stop treatment when your benefits run out? Do you consider Massage to be part a regular wellness program? Do you consider Massage to be only a luxury?

Yes it is convenient to have access to private insurance that covers Registered Massage Therapy. It’s even better to have a direct billing option for Registered Massage Therapy services.

But…your benefits didn’t pay for that purse you have…

The benefits for Massage or any treatment, goes beyond the superficial. It really is an investment in yourself and your well-being.

  1. Massage Helps Athletes Recover  and prepare for events. Massage Therapists can help an athlete work through areas of tensions and tightness during training season.
  2. Massage can help with Relaxation – Having a massage can help a person calm the nervous system. A person who has a tendency to have a heightened nervous system can benefit from Massage Therapy as it can help move them from a “fight or flight” to a more “rest and digest” system.
  3. Massage Can Help with Immunity – This taps into the relaxation effect. Our immune system is stronger when our nervous system maintains a more relaxed state. Massage Therapy can assist in this relaxation effect.
  4. Massage can help with pain – Massage can help calm down the nervous system which is related to how we experience pain. A study from 2011 found that massage techniques on people with fribromyalgia, helped decrease pain and increase quality of life.  Massage can also be helpful after joint replacement surgery to help decrease pain and scar tissue.

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