Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with the best care possible, our practitioners often are required to collect personal information and file it for future reference and colleges compliancy. We do so only for legitimate purposes, and only with your consent. We take every precaution in protecting this information and only use it for professional purposes.

The primary purpose for collecting personal information is to help us assess what your health concerns are, to advise you of your options, to provide the health care you desire and to establish and maintain contact with you. We have taken measures to ensure that our processes meet the legislated standards set out provincially in the Personal Health Information Protection Act (“PHIPA”).

Your information is safeguarded and stored securely. All forms completed on our website are encrypted and the cache is deleted immediately after completion. This means that as soon as you click submit, it is sent to our private and encrypted email and the information is never stored on the website.

We keep it on our private and secure clinical software only as long as required by law, or as required in providing the best possible patient care. We will never release, sell, or exchange personal information that we obtain for any reason. Further, we have policies to ensure that disclosure of your information is restricted to authorized team members and our trusted health partners.


This clinic will seek informed consent for the collection use and/or disclosure of personal information, except where it might be inappropriate to obtain your consent, and subject to some exceptions set out in law.

Consent is required for the collection of personal information and subsequent use or disclosure of that information. In order for the principles of consent to be satisfied, our clinic has undertaken reasonable efforts to ensure that you are advised of the purposes for which information is being used and that you understand those purposes.

You may withdraw consent at any time.