Prevent Gardening Pain and Injury

Gardening this summer, for many will be a stress outlet, a way to stay active, a way to help feed their family, and a way to contribute positively to the environment.

It can be frustrating when pain, injury, or decreased mobility keeps you from an activity you love.

In this case the activity is gardening.

Even if you have been relatively active in the winter and an activity like walking, it may not be enough.

Walking is a great cardiovascular activity. It can help with blood sugar control as well.


Walking is not strengthening.

Walking helps you get better at …walking.

Just as some are starting seeds in Halton, plant the seeds of strength. This will help you be more efficient in your gardening activities. It will also help prevent injuries that keep you out of the garden.

Boy growing shoing physio to kids, massage, foot clinic, wart treatment

Gardening activities like shovelling, turning over soil, carrying a wheelbarrow, bending and squatting repeatedly are are very physical. We often see people in our Oakville Physio clinic for Massage or Physio after they have injured themselves gardening.

It takes consistent nurturing or “watering the seeds” to build strength.

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