Prevent Foot and Low Back Pain Caused by Standing!

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Sitting posture and proper ergonomics is something we speak to many patients about at our Oakville Physio and Massage clinic. So many people spend a large proportion of their day sitting for their commute and at work that it can impact their back, neck, shoulders, hips among other things. Those who spend their day standing can also run into problems. Walking around the concrete floor at the National Women’s Show at the Metro Convention Centre for a few hours was enough to make my low back sore. I saw signs of the weekend taking its toll on various people from the Armed Forced Recruiter taking off her high heels, to those finding a spot to rest and stretch their backs out. Some booths such as Little Kitchen Gourmet had planned ahead and put down anti-fatigue type mats in their space. For work where you will be standing for long periods of time having anti-fatigue mats are an excellent way to offload your knees, ankles and low back. I would highly recommend this for hairstylists, barbers, some line workers, cashiers and even lifeguards standing in one spot on the pool deck. Unfortunately for many of us who spend time on our feet on hard surfaces this type of mat can’t follow us around. For this reason Lisa Clifford, Physiotherapist, and Foot Care Specialist Brittney Wirtz (Chiropodist), recommends supportive shoes that help absorb some forces and protect your feet and other joints from developing pain. Many people who wear work boots or spend a lot of time on their feet would also benefit from custom insoles / orthotics. Foot and heel pain can start by just being annoying and for some can quickly move to making it difficult to walk and weight-bare. This is turn can affect other joints in your body. A Chiropodist can asses your feet and how your arch falls to advise you on the best shoe for you.

Brittney Wirtz
A Chiropodist / Foot Care Specialist can help foot wear and foot care!