Physiotherapy Post Surgery

Oakville Physiotherapy clinic, providing seniors rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and proper rehabilitation post musculoskeletal surgery is a must. People are more aware of Physiotherapy after a total knee replacement, rotator cuff repair, a quads tenon repair, shoulder stabilization, ACL reconstruction and knee scopes to name a few.

Why Physio

The purpose of Physiotherapy post surgery, in a nutshell, is to get you back to your life. It is to help you optimize your function. Many people, while waiting for surgery, or going through the hoops of the healthcare system become more weak and stiff. While they wait for imaging, then specialists appointments etc they may be fearful of movement, unable to move and guarding their body.

It’s important in these cases to access Physiotherapy early!

Your Physiotherapist will help you through the stages of healing and if you require surgery, they can even help you with that! Physio’s will / should provide you with education on a home program and modifying what you may need help with modifying.

Physiotherapy can also help with getting you ready for surgery. This “prehab” can help make the healing and recovery process so much easier. If your body is operating from a stronger base, you have less to gain back, so to speak.

Woman doing Yoga - yoga Therapy or private yoga at Palermo Physio clinic

How do you want to function in your daily life?

If you already have difficulties getting up and down from the floor, in and out of a chair, and using the stairs, you will have even more difficulties after a surgery. Working on specific strengthening prior to surgery can help with this.

Many people finish Physiotherapy too early post surgery. They may have acceptable range of motion and “ok” strength, and they can do basic things in their environment. As a Physio I have seen patients years after a surgery such as a hip replacement surgery, and they still do not have matching strength. They have still not been using that leg functionally on stairs and it’s taking less of a role in lifting them from a chair.

woman after working out showing Oakville pelvic health Physio

The easy part is generally the surgery. The hard part is the Physiotherapy afterwards and the commitment to your rehabilitation, for months post surgery. If you are consistent, safe, and independent with your home program / gym program, your Physio may recommend spaced out visits. If you aren’t doing much on your own, it is more important to see you Physio more regularly.

The Physiotherapists and RMT’s at Oakville’s Palermo Physio and Wellness Cantre are eager and on board to help you through your pre and post surgical recovery. We want to help you get back to everything from safe and independent living to elite level sports!

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