Physiotherapy for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

woman sitting with her mother having virtual physiotherapy in oakville, Ontario after chemo, mastectomy in Georgetown, Toronto, Milton, Ancaster, niagara, Guelph, Waterloo

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be life altering.

Treatment for breast cancer is taxing and stressful.

One in 8 women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Over 65% of these women will experience issues from treatment and recovery that can be treated and / or prevented by physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy treatment can be beneficial at all stages of treatment and recovery.

Some aspects of Breast Cancer Related Physio:

  • Therapeutic exercise prescription
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Postural exerises
  • Joint mobilization and movement techniques
  • Neurodynamic techniques for nerve tension, pain and tightness
  • Home exercise prescription
  • Techniques to help manage pain and stress
  • Exercises to help reduce the risk of lymphedema
  • Exercise to help reduce the risk of and controlling other chronic illness.
  • Exercise to help treatment based fatigue
  • Help with return to work planning
oakville physio clinic for joint replacement rehab and physio

Your physiotherapist will ask you questions regarding the types of treatments you have or will be undergoing. This is because issues related to surgery are different than chemotherapy which can be different than radiation. With this knowledge your physio can provide education and specify treatment to you and your needs.

We are able to provide both in-person physiotherapy and computer / video based physio consultation. Some of our patients choose one, the other, or both! Our Physiotherapists are able to treat anyone online over video sessions if they are residing in Ontario.

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