Palermo Physio and Wellness Supports Learning

Growing pains getting treated at oakville Physio, massage and foot clinic

If you have been to our Oakville Physiotherapy, Massage, Yoga Therapy and Foot Clinic lately, you likely have met one of the students we have had in the clinic.

In our education for our various professions, we have all been required (or wanted to!) volunteer our time in a clinical setting. This is one of the reasons we are eager to do the best we can to help in their learning.

The students in our clinic right now are in various stages of their education:
  1. High School Co-Op Student – entering Kinesiology next year
  2. University Kinesiology Student
  3. University Kinesiology Masters Student

Jumping people to celebrate birthday of Oakville Physio, massage and foot care clinic

To these students we try to impart:
  • What it is that each practitioner does
  • What is the scope of practice in this outpatient setting and elsewhere in practice
  • The special interests that are available to us (for example TMJ treatment, Paediatric Physio, post stroke physio or Yoga Therapy).
  • The steps we each took to become Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropodists (Foot Specialists), and Yoga Therapists.
  • Why we do what we do and why we think it is important.

We have probably bored students as we ramble on about what we’re doing and why. We are passionate about our professions and what they have to offer the population. We also appreciate their help around the clinic and hope they leave with some valuable knowledge and critical thinking abilities.

We as health care professionals also continue to upgrade and learn.

This learning happens through:
  • Formal courses
  • Reading journal articles
  • Peer discussions within our own professions and with one another
  • Our patients

Seniors riding bikes in park showing Oakville Physio