Osteoporosis: Are you doing enough? How Physio Can Help!

Senior man exercises with Oakville Physio to help with fall prevention

At our Oakville Physiotherapy, Massage and Foot Care (Chiropodist) Clinic we treat many people for injuries and aches and pain who also happen to have Osteoporosis (low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue) and Osteopoenia (a precursor for Osteoporosis). A Physiotherapist can be a key person to have as part of the health care team for those with Osteoprosis and Osteopaenia, in addition to your family doctor and Osteoporosis Specialist.  Exercise is recommended for those with Osteoporosis for many reasons including:

  •  Strengthening postural muscles to help prevent compression fractures (breaks) in the spine. (Think that progressive rounding forward of the upper back that is often painful)
  • Increased balance, core strength and lower body strength to help prevent falls that could cause fracture / breaks in fragile bones (eg wrist and hip fractures). A hip fracture depending on other health variables can often lead to a downward spiral of hospitalization, immobility causing Pneumonia.
  • Increased bone strength through weight bearing activity.
Kettlebells at Physio clinic in Oakville
Improve your function with Physiotherapy!

Osteoporosis Canada in 2014 released new exercise recommendations. Click HERE to find the specific guideline. They are comprehensive involving a variety of types of exercises to aim for overall health including:

  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Balance / Proprioceptive Exercises
  • Postural Training / Exercises

It’s not too late to begin an exercise and strengthening program to help increase function and decrease risk factors associated with having weak bones. Often people will participate in one aspect of the above list such as walking but not participate in any specific strength training, or do strength training but forget about balance exercises.

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