No, we don’t just use machines. – Palermo Physio

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We opened the doors patients in August 2014. Since then we have been providing services for Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropody (foot care), and Acupuncture.

A common misconception that some people have about Physiotherapy from years past and from maybe previous experience in other clinics, is that Physiotherapy is all heat, ice, electrical stimulation (TENS, IFC), ultrasound and laser (ie. machines).

It’s an unfortunate misconception from many still that leads them from accessing care and treatment that can make their lives better.

When calling a clinic to book a Physiotherapy appointment, asking a few questions may help clarify what kind of experience you will have:

  • How long can I expect my assessment time and follow-up treatments to be
  • Is there flexibility for increasing time of follow-ups should I need / want?
  • Do you use a physiotherapy assistant? In what capacity? How much time will I spend with the Physio vs Physio assistant each visit?
  • What does a typical treatment look like?

The answers to these questions for us is easy.

Our physiotherapy assessments are 1 hour and follow-ups are generally 30 minutes. If you require more time or have multiple body parts to treat we also provide the option or 45 minute and 60 minute follow-up Physio sessions.

We do not use a Physiotherapy assistant. This means that you physiotherapist is involved in all aspects of your care. We believe that exercise and education of vital parts of you reaching your goals. We LIKE being part of this aspect of your care.

You will have your follow-up treatments with the same practitioner. This Physio will be able to reassess you and make any modifications to your care plan THAT DAY! We think this continuity of care is important as you progress.

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A typical treatment is different for everyone! (this is kind of a trick question). Your Physio will first check in and see how you are doing and see if anything has changed. They may see how you’re moving and re-check certain things they have been working with you on. Some of the treatment may contain manual therapy (hands-on treatment) like assisted stretching, range of motion help, joint mobilizations, joint manipulations and soft tissue massage techniques. Your Physio may spend some time reviewing your exercises, modifying the exercises and teaching you new ones! This is actually our bread and butter. These exercise help you to progress and are often a key part of helping prevent a reoccurrence of whatever you are seeing us for.

Because of this, we continue to provide a virtual / tele-health option for Physio assessments and treatments. This mode of Physio delivery has been quite helpful for people in more remote areas of Ontario, as well as for people who have a difficult time “getting out” or are uncomfortable leaving the home. There is still an option for you!

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And yes, we may use some machines. We do have access to an ultrasound, and electrical stimulation as well as heat and ice. These are generally not for long term gain. Your time with your Physiotherapist can often be best spent with exercise progressions and feedback, hands-on treatment and education.

Your goals are important to us.

Whether you are looking to decrease pain, recover from a bone break, recover from a surgery, move better, prevent falls, age well or get back to competition, we are here for you!

Please Contact us if you would like to see one of our North Oakville Physiotherapists, or if you have any questions for us.