New Year New Shoes?!

The New Year or beginning of the month is a great time to check on your shoes!

How do you know when it is time to switch out your old pair of shoes for a new pair?

Follow along and our Oakville Chiropodist will give you some tips!

How long have you had the shoe?

Your shoes should last you between 500 to 800kms of use. Depending on your training or exercise that is roughly 6 months to one year.

Look at the bottom

Turn your shoe over and look at the bottom are the treads evenly worn?

Are there any holes?

Are there any treads left?

The bottom on the shoe is a key indicator of when it is time to change your shoes up. Wearing a shoe that has worn unevenly or is very worn in general can lead to wear and tear type pain and injuries. There may be less cushioning for the feet and joints above. There may be less grip and your walking or running pattern changes unconsciously to adapt. Wear you put weight through your foot and joints may change if your shoe is worn unevenly.

It is always better to transition to new shoes before it is a problem.

Book in with an Oakville Foot Specialist!

A Chiropodist can discuss with you what shoes are best for you, your foot, how you walk/run and for the activities you use them for.

Bring your old shoes with you your foot clinic appointment. The Chiropodist / foot specialist will gain so much information from looking at you wearing the shoes, and looking at the bottoms of the shoes. They will be able to give you recommendations on shoes that will be ideal for you.

foot pain and custom orthotics in an oakville physio clinic

You do not need to be in pain to access foot clinic services. Prevention is so important. When many people are looking to begin new activities or transitioning with gym closures investing in a great pair of shoes is a great thing to do.

Most private benefits cover foot care appointments with a Chiropodist.