Massage for Frozen Shoulder

Massage Therapy in Oakville

When we see our Massage Therapists, we often see them for neck and shoulder pain in addition to low back pain, or simply a way to help us relax. We often don’t consider all of the other ways Registered Massage Therapists can help with other areas of the body.

Shoulder injuries and shoulder issues are one area where an RMT can help!

Take for example after having shoulder surgery, or simply a shoulder injury where you have had to be immobilized in a sling. Your Massage Therapist can help with neck, and upper back stiffness caused from being immobilized. All those muscles around the shoulder blade haven’t been stretched or moved. You RMT can get you into different positions for this also.

Frozen shoulder is a problem with the soft tissue capsules that surrounds the shoulder getting “sticky” and painful. It is often associated with other issues, such as low grade inflammation associated with diabetes and inflammatory arthritis’ like psoriatic arthritis. It can be associated with underuse. This means after the shoulder has been immobilized due to an injury or simply lifestyle.

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In a similar effect, shoulder stiffness from frozen shoulder can be helped with Massage Therapy. This type of treatment would often be in conjunction with Physiotherapy. These treatments can compliment one another. The Massage may help relax and loosen muscles, while Physiotherapy may help you stretch and mobilize your frozen shoulder. This helps to progress your range of motion

Early intervention is important. As with most things early treatment and mobility is helpful in maintaining range of motion and preventing the joint from stiffening more, as well as prevention of adopting problematic movement patterns.

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Massage Therapy and Shoulders

For those of you looking for more information this article from Paul Ingraham at Pain Science, does a great job of breaking down the most current research. Take home points is that frozen shoulder can be a sign of underlying things in the body. Whole body health is important.