Massage and Chronic Pain

Oakville Massage Therapy, Palermo Milton

Massage Therapy can be a helpful adjunct in treating chronic and persistent pain issues. Pain and the experience of pain is a very personal thing. Previous experience, our nervous system and our beliefs about pain all play a role in pain.

Pain can be a warning system for acute conditions and injury. It can be a protective mechanism for our body. Think touching a hot surface and then pulling away quickly.

But, there are times when pain lasts longer than the mechanical or chemical insult. The nervous system can be a large contributing factor when this occurs. When we have amplified pain systems we often have amplified nervous systems an vice versa.

Massage Therapy can be a useful way to help calm our nervous system down and provide help with chronic pain issues.

Woman doing Yoga - yoga Therapy or private yoga at Palermo Physio clinic

One of our Oakville team members, Registered Massage Therapist, Wojciech has worked with people who experience chronic and persistent pain. He has provided them with hands-on Massage Therapy techniques as well as home self-care education to empower them in their journey’s.

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