How Many Visits Will I Need?

Senior man exercises with Oakville Physio to help with fall prevention

One of the main things on someones mind when they seek out Physio, Massage and even Chiropodist (foot care) treatments is how many visits they will need to help with the issue they seek treatment for.  In order to answer this question properly, everyone should have a thorough assessment that includes asking them questions regarding the history of the injury, lifestyle etc. this helps guide the rest of the assessment and then subsequent treatment. There is not, nor should there be a one size fits all approach. Every person is different. How someone recovers from an injury, after surgery, and even with a chronic condition depends on a multitude of factors.

Factors affecting visit frequency for Foot Care, Physio and Massage:
  • Is it an acute versus a chronic issue? Receiving treatment and advice within the first few days can be important in preventing an injury from worsening, aiding in recovery, and preventing re-injury in the future. More longstanding issues such as scoliosis, arthritis and osteoporosis can be managed through a variety of complimentary treatments over time and as needed. A course of action for such things can be dependent on presentation and function of the person at the time. A person you has diabetes or other sensory impairment in their lower limbs should have followups on a regular basis to ensure the health of their tissues.
  • What is extent of injury? An acute injury with more tissue damage will take longer to heal well,  a joint that has been stiff for longer may take more time to mobilize, muscles and soft tissues that have been shortened for a longer period of time may take longer to lengthen.
  • Age of the person as we age our cell turnover slows, and we take longer to heal. It can also take more time to gain flexibility as well as strength.
  • Previous level of activity? If we are generally sedentary and already not as strong it may be more challenging for us to improve. It is often important to maintain some of your exercises after treatment has been complete in order to maintain strength, flexibility and function.
  • What tissues are injured? Different tissues have different rates of healing. This is based on different blood supply as well as the composition of tissues.
  • Consistency of home program – Exercises as well as activity modifications provided for a person are an important part of an overall treatment plan. Tissues accommodate or change over time with consistency whether it be gaining strength, muscular control or flexibility. If you continue to participate in an aggravating activity / action your recovery may take longer – a Physiotherapist can help guide you in activity modification and return to activity management / guidelines.
  • For Chiropody treatment what the foot issue is? For diabetic foot screenings frequency of treatment is dependent on a persons needs, amount of followups Bunion, isolated backgroundneeded for wart treatment are dependent on the size of the wart(s) and how it responds. After a nail procedure, a follow up should be the next day and subsequent treatments also depend on the response to treatments. All of these things should be communicated to you.

The practitioner you see at our Oakville clinic whether it be a Physio, Foot Specialist / Chiropodist, or Massage Therapist, will be able to provide you the best answer to this question based on a thorough assessment as well as based on your progression. The treatment plan should be an ongoing dialogue you have with your practitioner.