Manage Stress this Back-to-School 2020, from an Oakville Physio

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The team at North Oakvilles Palermo Physio and wellness would like to wish everyone good luck today.

I whatever form of school you have chosen in Halton this September we wish you and your loved ones all the best.


if you are struggling to find ways to keep yourself or your children active, our Oakville Physiotherapists are here to offer suggestions.

If you are struggling with stress, tension or anxiety with these changes in the next few weeks, our Oakville Registered Massage Therapists and Yoga Therapist are here for you as well.

Please take extra care of yourselves over the next few weeks as any schedule changes can be challenging, especially in these time.

Some ways to manage stress as a family:

  • Stick to a schedule. Get started with a schedule in advance. This lets you know who should be where and when. This cuts down on brain energy as well as decreases the chances of missing important things.
  • Go for walks. Going for a walk as a family is a great way to get some stress relieving exercise. It also is a perfect opportunity to unplug and actually communicate about your lives.
  • Everyone chips in. Delegate tasks as part of your schedule. Everyone should be able to chip in, big or small.
  • Bed time routine. Unplugging an hour before bedtime and getting started with your bedtime routine is vital to flying and staying asleep. Think sleep training but for children and adults. You may all spend time reading, doing some yoga stretches or even having a shower or bath. This is a time to wind down. Remember, sleep is important for your functioning during the day, your recovery from physical and mental work, and definitely to help bolster your immune system.

To book in for Massage Therapy or Yoga Therapy with our Oakville RMTs and Yoga Therapist, contact us.