Make a Commitment to Yourself for 2015

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As we’ve seen from the opening of our Oakville Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic in August 2014 – time seems to move at a crazy speed. It’s easy to get swept into the tide of the day-to-day and unconsciously neglect ourselves and our health. As things like the FitBit and My Fitness Pal apps become more popular they can give us a piece of the picture about our health (if we use them). But it’s only just a piece. Just like you should take your car in for basic maintenance it’s important to do the same for our health and our bodies. You don’t want to wait until you the car runs out of gas and you’re forced to pull over and fuel up, or until the car is shaking like an 5.0 earthquake on the highway for you to get it checked out. We don’t have the luxury of getting a new body when we’re tired of the older one like we might a new car, or to trade in for a newer model (joint replacements, visco-supplementation, and botox aside), that’s why it is important to maintain our health on a daily basis through good habits. It can seem like a daunting task but making a commitment to your health and wellness is something that you can chip away at during the days and months of 2015. You will have to form your own list for what your goals for 2015 are, but here are some suggestions for what to tackle to be your best you!

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  • Have a “Yearly” Physical – Many people let years pass before checking in with their family doctor to talk about their health and have some routine tests done. There are many health conditions that can be remedied if they are recognized and treated early.
  • Get a Family Doctor – There are many people who don’t have a family doctor and when they need to see someone have difficulty being seen. It is important to have one person with a running record of your health concerns, allergies and sensitivities and  comprehensive understanding of your family history. We’re more inclined towards complete honesty.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking has been linked to so many health conditions and clinically we see that people who smoke have delayed rates of healing. Your Family Doctor and even your Pharmacist can give excellent advice and different options to help you quit smoking. It doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. The benefits of quitting smoking occur within the first 8 hours where your blood pressure decreases and the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood return to normal. A helpful site from the province of Ontario provides information and links to help in this journey.
  • Get your Feet Checked – Have you ever had your feet checked? We often ignore foot,
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    and toenail issues until they prevent us from doing something we love or until we are self conscious of an issue. Don’t be embarrassed when you take your socks off. Take care of thickened toenails, warts, ingrown toenails, loss of toenails, athletes foot and corns early for the best results! For many it is also an issue of comfort and our health at large to take care of our feet. For Seniors and those with Diabetes having regular foot care can help prevent serious health complications.

  • Let’s get Physical– Get moving! If the benefits of exercise were in pill form, everyone would be taking it. Exercise doesn’t have to be all or nothing, a little is better than nothing. It can certainly be beneficial to work with a Physiotherapist, coach or personal trainer for advice on how to structure activity and workouts to meet your goals and abilities, advice on how to avoid injury, and feedback on proper form and technique for the activity of choice.Massage Therapy in Oakville, Physiotherapy
  • Schedule Regular Massages – Regular Massage Therapy provided by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) can help with so many aspects of our health. Massage can help decrease muscles tension, reduce stress, help in recovery from exercise as well as help in recovery from jobs that require repetitive motions. Depending on the person and what the purpose of the seeking treatment is dictates how regularly you should schedule a massage
  • Take care of those Nagging Aches and Pains – Don’t wait until your pain or problems stop you from participating in an activity you enjoy, work or sleep to seek out treatment. If the issue doesn’t decrease in a few days with self treatment and rest it may be best to seek treatment from a Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist and if it relates to your feet, a Chiropodist / Foot Care Specialist. Often seeking treatment earlier can help resolve the issue sooner.
  • Address any Hearing Changes – Hearing changes can be a gradual process, but it may also be something that you’ve dealt with over time. Our hearing plays a large role in our interaction with those around us whether it be family, at home, at work, or even at school. Having your hearing checked by an Audiologist addresses an often overlooked part of our health. There are also many people who are hesitant to address hearing concerns as their view of hearing aids is that they are large and cumbersome, but hearing aid technology has advanced in the past few years. To have assistance to hear, communicate, and interact through a hearing aid in some ways is comparable to wearing glasses.  
  • “Eye” Can See Clearly – When was the last time you had your eyes checked?. It’s recommended that you have your vision and eyes checked regularly (every one or two years), with the specific intervals determined by your age, other health concerns and if you’ve developed any new issues. Getting your eyes checked can tell you more than just if you need glasses or if your prescription has changed, it can also detect more serious health issues.
  • Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones and Family – In such a plugged in, busy world it’s important to set aside quality time with loved ones. Whether it be taking a regular hike, having a games night or another fun activity being social (in person) can help with mental health and overall quality of life.

This may seem like a long list but if you tackle goals and tasks in small pieces focusing on your health and wellness is absolutely attainable. Small changes and tasks are often easier to manage than large changes – and it can certainly be easier with the guidance and support of others! We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2015 and are looking forward to helping you achieve these goals in any way possible!

~Yours in Wellness – The Team at Oakville’s Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic~

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