Keeping Fresh and Continuing to Learn!

Oakville tree out of book, showing physio Massage learning about speech pathologists and speech therapists

At Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre, our Multidisciplinary clinic in Oakville Ontario, our Practitioners are constantly excited to learn. We learn from one another within our clinic from our varying enducational and professional backgrounds of Chiropody / Foot Care, Massage Therapy, and Physiotherapy. We also learn from the perspectives of other Professionals within the Palermo Professional Centre. Symptoms Patients / Clients present lead to different streams of thought for each Profession. In Physio and Massage when someone complains of headaches, after ruling out more serious issues we may think muscle tension or joint stiffness in the neck may play a role, whereas an Optometrist (Eye Doctor) at Envision Eye Care may further inquire about eyestrain at work or school. When a patient complains that they have some ringing in their ears, after a Physician rules out high blood pressure as a culprit, a Physiotherapist may test balance, inner ear issues, joints in the neck and even the TMJ (joints of the jaw), while an audiologist at Chorus Speech and Hearing Centre will do a thorough evaluation of your hearing at different ranges of sound. It is exciting to communicate and learn from the perspectives of different health care professionals around us as it can only make our our practice stronger.

At Palermo Physio and Wellness we work together to further our knowledge as well as take different professional courses. Massage Therapist Josephine has recently taken a seminar in Massage plus therapeutic stretching. Foot care specialist / Chiropodist Brittney, loves reading about the latest research in foot care (including warts, corns, bunions, toenail care) to help her patients get back on their feet faster. Lisa Clifford, Physiotherapist, will be away this coming weekend (October 2014) beginning her 4th level in the Orthopaedic levels of Manual Therapy. We love learning as well as passing along our knowledge to ensure the best care possible.

RMT, foot specialist
The Massage Therapist, Foot Specialist / Chiropodist and Physio at our Oakville Clinic work together for patient care.