It’s ok to Rest…

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It’s resolution season and many people are going full force in the gym and at home workouts. It also starts to be the time of the year when we start to see people come into our Oakville physio, foot care, and massage clinic with aches and pains and injuries from doing too much too soon.

“They” say it takes 4 weeks to make something a habit, and for some this means they want to do their activity all of those days. It’s exciting and it feels good to get going full force!


It is ok and advisable to take rest days.

If you are the type of person who needs to go all of those days, maybe have 1 day every 2-3 days where it is an active recovery day. Instead of a hard or challenging workout, take an active rest day. Spend that time doing stretches, active movement, or a gentle activity for you like walking, or cycling.

Rest days are important to allow your body to recover and soak in all the good things you have done for it with your workouts. They help your hard work marinade.

If you are run down, fighting off a bug stressed out or not sleeping well, all these things can negatively affect your recovery. Take note and back off a little. Lift lighter weights, decrease the intensity of your workouts and build back up when you’re feeling up to it.

Athletes have an off season

All athletes (you are included here) have off seasons or cycles of training. This ensures progression of strength, speed agility etc, and less risk of injury. Modifying your workouts and switching exercises, as well as adding fun supplemental exercises helps to ensure your bodies resilience.

Physiotherapy for hockey players

Move in all of the ways.

This challenges your body differently as well as your brain!

Keep it simple

When you’re just starting at the gym, reflect on what your workout purpose is. Is it to be strong, well functioning, resilient, safe? Having a workout that encompasses all major muscle groups is enough! Spending a full workout working on a single body part is unnecessary. Your Physiotherapist or coach will be able to speak on this in more detail for what your goals are.