Is my Toenail Ingrown?

Oakville Foot Clinic, ingrown toenail

Our Oakville Chiropodist (foot care specialist) treats not only the skin of the feet but also the toenails and nail beds. People often relate a Chiropodist to heel pain, Custom Orthotics, and routine diabetic foot care. In our North Oakville Foot Clinic Chiropodist Arien often treats those with ingrown toenails using care that ranges from conservative management and care to more permanent surgical options.

Ingrown toenails are a very common condition. An ingrown toenail occurs when toenail grows into the skin and the skin surrounding a toenail becomes irritated or swollen. The toenail can become curved in shape and grows downward into the toe area surrounding the nail.

When the nail ¬†breaks through the skin, it can cause infection by allowing bacteria into the open wound. When a toe is infected, it will become red, swollen and painful. The infection may sometimes even emitting a strong odor. In cases where a toe is not yet infected and the patient is only experiencing slight discomfort, if left untreated, the continued growth of the nail into the toe can ultimately lead to an infection. It’s important to take action when you notice this discomfort to prevent further or more serious infection. If you have other health conditions such as diabetes, peripheral neuropathy or anything that may delay the healing process or sensation of the feet it is vital to have your feet assessed as early as possible.Feet on grass showing oakville footcare and diabetic footclinic

Causes of Ingrown Toenails:
  • Predisposition to ingrown toenails may be inherited
  • Ingrown toenails may be a result of some type of trauma, such as a heavy object falling on your foot
  • Cutting toenails too short
  • Footwear that is too tight to fit properly
  • Fungal infections and related nail problems

If you believe you have an ingrown toenail book with your Chiropodist to fast and effective treatment and advice. You do not need a referral from your Physician to access Podiatric Footcare by a Chiropodist and it is often covered by your private insurance benefits. To book with our North Oakville Foot Clinic located in the Palermo Medical building please call (905) 582-9700.