How Physio can Help?

At the end of a calendar year, our North Oakville Physio, Massage and Foot Clinic often sees an influx of patients. Many people have let the year pass them by ignoring aches and pains or putting off their health. It’s easy to do these days when the world is changing so quickly around us!

Others want to use their health spending allotment but aren’t quite sure how we can help!

When they look through they generally understand what massage therapy can be.


How can Physio help?

People are often (or maybe not) directed to Physiotherapy when they have an acute (fresh), injury or after an orthopaedic surgery.

Physiotherapy is so much more and Physiotherapists can help in so many more ways!

Acute (fresh) injury.

Let’s start here. This may be from a fall, a twist, doing too much too soon, doing something big out of the ordinary, moving a body part in a strange direction etc.

Some people are directed to wait before starting physio. If possible accessing physio soon after injury is best. A Physiotherapist bases their treatment and education on what stage of injury you are at and how you are presenting. for example is their swelling, can you weight bare, is their bruising…

A physiotherapist will direct you in what to do an avoid based on the stage of injury. It is generally important to move early and often. How this looks depends on the person.

Sports Injury.

This may be from a sudden impact (think knee to the thigh or shoulder into the boards), or from too much too soon (think no spring training and having 3 or 4 games in one weekend). Our Oakville Physiotherapists are here to help with all of those things. As above, treatment for sports injuries like muscle strains, sprains, Charlie horses and concussions are based on how long ago you were injured, the severity of injury and how you are presenting.

We are here to help guide you in the balance between protecting an injury to allow a smooth progression in the stages of healing and getting moving early in a way that is safe to do so!

You do not have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks after an injury to access Physio (nor should you). you have a whole body that includes heart and lungs and other body parts. There is a lot you can do for your body and healing.

Chronic Pain.

Sometimes pain can persist past the expected time period of tissue healing.

This is one reason it is important when injured to see a physio sooner. Physiotherapists can help mitigate this risk.

Pain that persists has much to do with what we believe about out pain / injury. It has to do with the length of time it has been there. It also has to do with our overall state of physical and mental wellness.

A Physiotherapist will ask you about all of these things. It may seen like the questions being asked have nothing to do with your pain, but we assure you they do! WE treat the whole person with what is available to us based on our licence and sometimes suggest other treatment at the same time.

When someone has pain that persists, as physiotherapists, we go at your pace with gentle encouragement.

Progressive Conditions

There are some issues that can be progressive. These include things like Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Dementia, arthritis, etc. Having a physiotherapist n your corner can help you navigate the world and in some cases slow down the progression.

Waiting for Surgery

There has always been a wait for some surgeries in Ontario. This is especially the case in orthopaedic surgeries like total knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder replacements, ACL reconstructions, “scopes” etc. Many people are told to wait for these surgeries until pain or function is affecting quality of life negatively. Remember, you still have a brain, lungs, muscles, mood. It is important to move your body for your health, period. It is also important to maintain strength and function. It is more difficult to gain back what you have lost as you age, in terms of strength.

People who prepare and work hard before surgery and as they wait, tend to have a smoother recovery.

Seeing a Physiotherapist while you wait on surgery can be effective for strength building and maintenance as well as pain management and mobility maintenance!

Oakville Physio showing exercise prescription

Post Surgery / Post Hospitalization

Physiotherapists there for treatment after surgery as well. Most people see this as being after joint replacements or other orthopaedic surgeries, which is true. We treat and work with people after joint replacements, ACL reconstructions, rotator cuff repairs, back surgeries etc.


We also treat people after hospitalizations with long illnesses or procedures. We teach ways to navigate your home safely. We also help you gain strength and function back. Being mobile and safe with balance when dressing, getting up the stairs, getting on and off the toilet safely and comfortably etc.

We also treat people post and during breast cancer treatment. Maintaining shoulder mobility to allow for comfortable radiation sessions as well as exercise progressions for energy management.

Injury Prevention.

Starting a sports season or a new activity can be daunting. When we’re adults we may not have access to a proper coach. People also have a tendency to go all out when they start. This can lead to injuries and more time away from the activity.

A Physiotherapist can help you plan for success before starting an activity. They can discuss a program to prepare your body and ramp up for the activity. They can also talk about recovery, proper warmups etc

Fall Prevention.

Falls as a person ages can lead to dire consequences. Fractures / broken bones and bed rest can lead to pneumonias and general decline in health and mobility in an older person. While Physio can help recover from those things, it is not always accessed properly and for long enough. An older person and their families may see the decline after such an event as an inevitable part of aging (not true).


It is important to help prevent falls in the first place.

A Physiotherapist can do some tests on a person to see where their general mobility and balance is. Should they be using a cane or walker? Does it fit them properly?

The physio can then supervise exercises to help with these things!

Ergonomic Help.

With the move to online learning and people still working from home this has been an issue since 2020. How a workstation is setup can help your body as well as your focus and concentration.

Do your feet reach the ground? How high is your screen? How many screens do you use?

While the body does best with frequent position changes, if you are stuck at a desk all day, it is best to have it set up optimally! Your Physiotherapist can help with this!


Physiotherapists treat babies and children too!

While services can be available through OHIP for pediatric physio, they are limited in terms of visits. Clinics like ours can see pediatric patients where parents can use their private benefits or pay out of pocket.

We may see pediatric physio patients for similar things as adults, such as after a broken bone (fracture). We may also see them for sports injuries like muscle strains and aches and pains.

One thing we see little ones for that parents may not realize is available is a delay in gross motor skills. Babies may be delayed for other health reasons or another reason.

Our Physiotherapists can assess the little one, meet them where they are and provide facilitation for improvement. They also give parents the tools to confidently work with their little one. In many cases it is a simple visit and a few follow ups to get you on the right track. There is no harm in starting early rather than waiting to see. That way you are already working with your little one (it usually looks like play!).

If you have any questions about how a physiotherapist can help you in your life we are here in North Oakville! We service Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Mississauga as well as all over Ontario virtually. Contact us for more information.