How is your New Home Workstation?

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With all of the changes in the work landscape we’re sure many of you are struggling with your working situation.

One of the largest issues we see generally in the clinic are issues from being immobile and sitting at a desk for a whole workday. If you have been taking the Go Train into Toronto you may have even gotten a good brisk walk to get to work. Your work station at work may have been set up optimally. You have still had issues with this type of set-up.


You may be sitting at the dining room table and your couch, or a home desk.

You may now be working from primarily a laptop.

You may not have an adjustable chair.

You have to share space.

The problems keep adding up.

Oakville working injury prevention tios from a Physio - study tips from Oakville Physio near Bronte

While it is important to have a workstation that suits you well, it is also important to take micro breaks and move.

A virtual or online physio consultation can see your environment up close. We can then make a variety of suggestions. There are many small tweaks that can be made to your workstation that are inexpensive.

We are here to help. As Physiotherapists Registered in Ontario, we are able to “see” and treat anyone in our province. If you live outside of Oakville, no problem. We are connecting to all our patients online, so we can connect with you too!

Your private insurance will likely cover your session with us but it is best to check your individual plan.

Contact us to set something up!