Holiday Gift Ideas – Support Local – Oakville

Ice showing how to treat an acute injury in a physio and massage clinic

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone.

If you’re like us, you have been listening to the public health advice (and we hope you are!) and leaving the home only for more essential activities. We are also focussing on social / physical distancing.

As much as we would like things to be different, we are having a virtual team holiday party. We’ll be hanging out over the computer, playing a game and eating local to us food!

There are many online gift giving options, local curb pick-ups and services you can give your loved ones. Consider it mindful giving.

Gift Giving Ideas:

Private Yoga Sessions

2020 has been a stressful year for everyone. Mental health issues are being challenged for sure. Facilitating someone relaxation and helping provide them with some tools for self-care is lovely. Right now our North Oakville clinic is offering private one-on-one yoga and yoga therapy sessions. These can be done either in person or virtually. We are able to provide these services anywhere in Ontario!

If you know someone who has expressed interest in trying yoga but is fearful of a group setting this is a great option! Private yoga session are also amazing if you have a difficult time keeping up in a “traditional class”. These sessions are geared towards you, your goals and your capabilities.

Massage Therapy

We love seeing people leaving our North Oakville massage space looking visibly more relaxed. For many people this is a necessary monthly “treat”. Massage can help calm the nervous system. This helps with relief of pain, stress, tension and even sleep.

If you know someone who is working from a desk all day, is a manual labourer, an athlete or could use some relaxation time, a massage is always a wonderful gift.


TCM or Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can be an overlooked aspect of wellness and health care by many. Many people in Oakville have have heard more about “acupuncture face-lifts” than the non-ascetic benefits of health care.

We encourage you to explore the deeper health benefits of balancing the body through the use of acupuncture.

Personal Training

Having someone guide to through exercise programs to help achieve a certain goal is an amazing gift. If you would like to see a loved one (of any age) function better and age well, strength and functional training is an amazing gift. A personal trainer that educates long the way is ideal. Moving towards some independence with training and fitness is such a confidence builder! Think increased bone density, increased function, decreased chance of falls, brain health, and mental health (etc). WOW!

A Physiotherapist can help a person who has more complicated health and injury issues get going and then transition to more intense training.

So many people are now able to offer online / virtual personal training services as well. We recommend our friends at Radix Performance Centre in Oakville and online, Element in Mississauga and Kinnected Training in Burlington.

Dumbells showing oakville physio clinic near Bronte
Outdoor Toys

Getting outside and moving is amazing for mental health and physical health. It’s also a way to be a little more social.

Some ideas can be snow shoes. Many people hibernate when it snows, but snowshoes are a great way to enjoy some Canadiana!

Nordic Walking Poles are a great addition to a walking program. Good ones will have interchangeable rubber and metal tips. These can be modified based on the conditions. Hikers’ Haven is a great local place to pick these up as well as other outdoor toys!

Canoes, Kayaks, Stand-up Paddle boards are all fun outdoor toys. If you’re unsure if someone will like it or it’s out of your budget, consider a rental or a class locally. This can be something to look forward to! You may also be able to find gently used ones on a local online marketplace.

For kids, things like sports balls are always fun. Bikes, balance bikes, skateboards, and scooters are all great ways to get moving and work on some gross motor skills. Just make sure they have a helmet too!

Conservation Park Pass

We have so many beautiful park in Ontario and in Halton specifically. Gifting someone an individual or family pass is the gift that keeps on giving!

You do need to book a time in the park currently, but don’t let that stand in your way!

You can have a chill-out session, hike, walk, swim etc in these trails and parks.

Royal Botanical Gardens Pass

Being so close to RBG is a gift! It’s another area that has walking trails and experiences. You can gift a year pass or individual passes as well.

Enjoy the quiet and beautiful gardens throughout the year!

Online Cooking Class

This is such a fun activity! Over quarantine time I participated in a virtual cooking class with a friend. We were in our own kitchens with our computers close by. It was something fun to look forward to and I know we’re both looking forward to trying the recipe again!

You can always create this experience with a new cook book as a gift and pick a recipe to make together virtually. This can also be a fun way to get kids in your family involved and familiar with the kitchen!

Contact us if we can help you give a gift to a loved one this holiday season. We are happy to help!