Holiday Gift Challenge – 2016

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It’s that time of year when many of our patients are wondering what holiday gifts to get their loved ones. If you’re anything like Physio Lisa, there are a few gifts to get still. We would like to challenge the Oakville and surrounding communities to a mindful gift giving season!

Our Physiotherapists, Yoga Therapist, Chiropodist and Massage Therapists suggest giving gifts that don’t require power or batteries. Below we have ideas that are divided into subsections for some gifts for the whole family.

The Gift of Family Time

Whether it be immediate relative or close friends, setting aside time to be with loved ones is important. Here are some ideas to make this happen:

  • Games nights- board games are awesome. You can get some for all ages
  • Crafts / Art– with the web and searching Pintrest there are so many options for fun and creativity. Craft store are in abundance.
  • Cooking / Baking– learning life skills with new fun ingredients. Cooking and baking also relies on fine motor skills. The use of the hands to squeeze and knead and chop.
  • Puzzles. Work to create puzzles. They come in all levels of difficulty. Puzzles area a great way to encourage communication, problem solving, and fine motor skills.

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The Gift of Activity

Turn off the television and the gadgets. Give gifts that support the health and development of your loved ones.

  • Lessons. Whether it be boxing lessons from somewhere like Radix Performance, or something else that your loved one has wanted to try, being active helps with so many things.
  • Yoga Therapy. Yoga is an excellent activity for the below also. The town of Oakville and many Yoga studios like Be Yoga offer yoga classes for families. Yoga is a great way to develop body awreness, strength, balance, and flexibility. If you are intimidated to try yoga or would like to begin in a smaller, more personalized setting, then Yoga Therapy or one-on-one yoga is an excellent option.
  • Family Passes. Many organizations provide a family pass option or membership. The Town of Oakville, Bronte Provincial park and Halton Conservation are all fun options.
  • On a Budget. If you are on more of a budget, getting creative and buying tools to create more activity. The dollar store is an option for snow fort building tools, sidewalk chalk and many other fun tidbits. There are days that the Town of Oakville has free access to swimming or ice skating. In the good weather getting to Burlington beach for a fun day of sand castles and swimming is also an option!

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The Gift of Wellness / Relaxation
  • Massage- Massage Therapy – We are biased, but massage is an excellent way to relax and recover. It’s a great excuse to unplug and relax.
  • Music
  • Books / Reading

There are so many options to giving that are not technology based. Get back to the basics this holiday season and throughout the year with the gifts of time. Spend time together with loved ones, play together, relax together. Put your phones in a box and turn off technology a few times a week.

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