Helping Figure Skaters from the Bottom Up!

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Figure Skating is a deceptive sport it has the appearance of elegance and grace but requires substantial power, strength and control. Alignment of the body during spins and jumps requires core control and the ability to know where you are in space. Because of the repetitive nature of the sport on growing bodies we see many skaters with knee, foot, hip and even back issues. Injuries often occur due to forces upon landing and spinning, stiffness in the skate boot and the repetition of these activities. Physiotherapy can help provide an individualized core strengthening program for a skaters, help treat those nagging knee, ankle and back injuries as well as get skaters back on the ice after harder falls.

Another large issue that most skaters will experience at some point in their skating career

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Don’t let foot issues keep you out of your skates! A Chiropodist can help!

is problems with their feet. Many skaters spend hours with their feet squeezed into their skates causing corns, calluses, stress fractures, foot pain, bunions, bursitis and even ingrown toenails. Much like dancers, a skaters feet are their tools. It’s important to maintain and protect your feet not just for your sport but also for the long term. May retired dancers and skaters have continued issues with their feet and toes. A Chiropodist (foot care specialist) works with people of all ages and will provide recommendations for skates as well as your daily footwear and foot care.

At our Oakville Health Wellness Clinic we offer expert Foot Care Services for people of all ages and abilities from youth and adolescent athletes to seniors and those with diabetes. We provide individualized assessments and treatment options based on the person and their needs. Don’t wait until your daily activities suffer. Call Now to Book an Assessment!    (905)582-9700