How to Help your Physio Help you! – From an Oakville Physio

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Our team of professionals at Oakville’s Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness love helping people get back to their best, or even better than before! We work with patients with regards to managing expectations, goals and timelines in their rehabilitation. As Physiotherapists we work with people of all ages and abilities. We truly provide Physio services in Oakville and the surrounding areas for the whole family!

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Oakville Physiotherapy for the Family!

Here are Some Ways to help your Physio Help You:

Don’t Wait too Long to See us

Most injuries have a natural course. The body will naturally heal and recover. A Physiotherapist can help ensure you are on the right track, help prevent re-injury, and explore why the issue is happening. If there is something that’s been nagging and you have an important trip or competition coming up, there needs to be enough time for treatment, education and exercise to help. This doesn’t mean that you should be on a 3 time a week treatment plan for forever program, it means we can help get you started with a treatment plan for your goals and lifestyle.

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Ask Questions

If there’s something we could explain better or explain again, just ask! As Physiotherapists we do our best to explain what our clinical decision making is. This includes what the diagnosis is and what treatment plan we biggest. This should really be ongoing. If you forget an exercise or simply want clarification on why we have chosen a certain exercise, just ask!

Also we may be able to help you in ways that you are not familiar with. While you may be accessing Physio for a knee replacement, you have had ongoing issues with something else. There are things that Physiotherapists treat that you may not realize, like vertigo, dizziness and the TMJ.

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Communicate Freely

Communication with your health care practitioner is important. Whether it is your Physician, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, or Chiropodist. It is important for us to be able to formulate a complete picture in order for us to help you best. These include things like if you smoke, sleeping habits etc.

Also, some people think that but telling us about how you’re feeling it is complaining. This isn’t the case. Again it helps give us a complete picture on what’s been going on and how we can best help you.

Be Honest

Its ok if you didn’t do your exercises….we swear.


If you haven’t been doing your exercises it’s important that we know. This is for many reasons:

If you have been doing your physio exercises and have been progressing it may be time to change them or progress them

If you have been doing your exercises and following other advice, after a certain amount of time as Physios we should look at why you are not improving and maybe modifying the game plan.

If you haven’t been doing your exercises and are not improving as quickly as you would like, this might be a contributing factor. It’s ok.  We don’t judges, life gets busy….BUT…are your goals being met? We can discuss different strategies regarding timing of exercises and how to sneak them into an already busy schedule.

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Try your Hardest

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you’ve missed a day of some exercises all is not lost. Regroup and get back into it. It the break has been significant it may be best to start in at a lower level and build again. Your Physiotherapist can help you with this and help you with a strategy.

Remember, it’s your goals that we’re interested in!

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