Happy New Year 2021 – Reflecting on 2020

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So long 2020.

The team at North Oakville’s Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness would like to wish everyone a happy New Year.

We know that 2020 has been a difficult one. We could feel the tidal wave coming in early 2020 and it was a whirlwind since.

During the initial “lockdown” in Ontario, our physical clinic was closed for in-person visits. Many of our professionals have reflected that from March 16 to early June, we had the most time off work / school that we had ever experienced. For health care professionals, knowing that many of our patients were experiencing difficulties during this time was a challenge for us. Not having clarity from the government and our colleges in the type of care we could provide kept our hands tied.

Our Oakville Physiotherapists were eventually able to pivot to offering online Physio to our patients.

This is something we are continuing!

shows woman receiving Telehealth / tele rehabilitation in Milton, Oakville, Burlington Ontario for pain.

The members of our team are remarkable and resilient. Everyone has come together so well to support one another and transition back into the clinic.

Our goal is to provide evidence-based treatment based on each persons goals, that we would be proud to have our loved ones receive.

During the time off and even after, we have continued to take courses, and research to upgrade our skills and knowledge.

We are proud that many of our previous volunteers, co-op students and staff have gone on to continue their education in health-care over this past year!

We would also like to thank our patients for their support over this year. From supporting us and interacting with us on social media, to referring their friends, families and colleagues to our Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropodists and Yoga Therapist, we appreciate you.

All of these small things add up to big things.

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We believe that growth of a clinic like ours should be organic and built on trust and goodwill in the community. We pride ourselves on ethical treatment and billing practices that are supported by each of our colleges, as well as your insurance.

We hope 2021 finds all of you well. Please take extra care to care for yourselves and be kind to yourself.

Halton has mental health support available if you are in need.

Psychology today has a listing of resources based on what you are looking for. The Therapy Centre is located in our Oakville building as well.

Our team member Ashley can provide guided meditation and restorative yoga in a private and personalized setting.

Halton Women’s place is an excellent community support f you are in need.

Kids Help Phone is also available. Many kids and youth are struggling with the uncertainty right now. keep communication lines open and provide resources if they may not be willing to disclose that they are struggling.