Golf Prehab – Palermo Physio and Wellness

Tennis player doing mobility exercises from a Oakville Physio clinic

It’s hard to think that golf season may be just around the corner when you go outside today. It’s COLD in North Oakville and Halton and we still have ton of snow on the ground.


Spring really is just around the corner. Often when seasons change and the weather is nicer we jump right into our new activities. Whether it is running outside or golf, it’s easy to get excited and spend a few days a week on our activity.

Our North Oakville Physio’s, RMT’s and Chiropodists often see people complaining about issues because of this leap into activity. Sometimes it even creates problems that keep people from the very activity that provides them so much enjoyment!

NOW is the time to begin “spring training” for golf to make this transition smooth and prevent injuries. Your Oakville Physiotherapist can help provide a full assessment of your range of motion, mobility, function and strength.

Golf course logo showing oakville Physio doing virtual physio for golfers

After a full assessment, including discussing your goals, they will provide you with a treatment plan that will progress until golf season starts for you.

Don’t let elbow pain, shoulder pain, hip back, low back pain or knee pain keep you from getting out a golfing at some of or awesome local Oakville, Milton and Burlington courses and driving ranges!

You may be surprised, as you build resilience to prevent injuries, your golf game may benefit as well!

Contact us to book in with one of our sports medicine oriented physiotherapists.