Goal Setting in 2019

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It’s the start of the New Year for many heading back to work from the holidays today and next week back to school. It’s that time of the year where people evaluate the previous year and make plans for the next year. It really is a great opportunity to start something new or return to a past habit.

The key to success in these plans is to take it step by step and simplify. There may be many small steps towards a larger goal. And that’s ok!

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What are your Goals?

Spending time journaling and evaluating what your goals are and why are a first step. It can start with something broad but needs to be narrowed down into actionable steps. These steps can then be evaluated consistently and modified as needed.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Most of us have seen the term SMART goals. It really is helpful to work towards a goal. If the goal is important to you, it’s worth it.

Goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable / Action -Oriented, Realistic, Time-Based/ Trackable


If your goal is to broad it will be hard to accomplish. It’s more like a pipe dream. Narrow down the goal, even if it is a smaller goal that will help you attain a larger goal. Does this mean taking a course, or seeking external help?


Having a goal that you can measure allows you to evaluate when it has been completed. It could be achieving a certain grade, putting away a certain amount of money, accomplishing at least 4 hours of moderate exercise a week.

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This allows specific steps to be taken in order to achieve your goal. A large goal may be broken into smaller more manageable goals here.


Even if your goal is a large one, there may be many small steps that take you there. You need to be realistic in terms of time frames to accomplish goals. If your goal is to save X amount of money choose a realistic amount to put away that still allows you to live your life and also a realistic time frame to do this in.

Time-Based / Trackable

Evaluating goals weekly and monthly allows us to ensure we are on the right track. It may also allow us to modify them into more realistic goals. Allowing some flexibility in accomplishing our goals helps us stay on track and save our sanity. Don’t through your goal out the window for a small hiccup.

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Good luck with you goals as you move into 2019. Try not to get swept away in the year. Set aside time for you and your goals.