Gifts for the Yoga Lover

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It’s always nice to support a persons healthy habits.

If someone on your list has a love of all things yoga, and you don’t, it may be difficult to know what they may need to enhance their practice.

This list is not all inclusive but hopefully it will act as a guide for the possibilities of what they could use.

Yoga Gifts:

Many people are trying to adopt minimalism into their lives. If you know your loved one is trying to do the same, a gift that is an experience may be most appropriate!

  • Class Passes – It’s always nice to experience different classes and different instructors. Take that extra step and see if there are any special classes or programs being offered in your community.
  • Attend a class / weekend with your loved one. It’s enjoyable to spend time together. Give the gift of shared experience.
  • Private Yoga Classes – Even a seasoned yogi can benefit from a few private sessions to enhance their practice. This option is also a good one for a person that likes the idea of yoga but is not quite sure where to start for their body.

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If your loved one has the bare minimum to get through a class but not many props for their home practice, you may be able to help them with this.

  • Yoga bolsters – think amazing pillows that can support your body in different positions and help you relax. There are larger online companies that sell these. You may also be able to find some small businesses online on a site like Etsy.
  • Yoga blocks – foam blocks are the most common. There are also cork blocks. Foam blocks can be found at many sports stores or athletic departments as wells yoga specific stores.
  • Yoga straps – Not all Yogis are “Gumby’s”…and that’s OK!. Straps can help make certain poses safer and more accessible. They can also be used in restorative and relaxation poses.
  • A Great Yoga Mat – A good yoga mat is an investment. If your loved one has a basic mat and they are feeling good suing it, great! If they are like me, I like having a thicker mat and one where I don’t slide around on my sweaty hands! A good mat should last over time if it’s cared

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Consider stepping outside of a direct yoga gift. If your loved one is looking to enhance their practice and perhaps meditate more or learn different aspects of meditations there are many options.

  • Singing bowl – Using a wand to create a beautiful sound. These operate with different frequencies that resonate with us differently.
  • Mala Beads – serves the purpose of being a beautiful necklace and a tool to help with meditation. Many people will sit with these beads and repeat a mantra for each bead.
  • Books – books on meditation, positive though books, books with guided meditations. If your loved one is reader, and even if they’re not there are many books out there for everyone!
  • Guided Meditations – You can often find guided meditations on CDs or online.
  • Apps – There are apps that remind or assist with meditations such as headspace.

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