Do you have Fungal Toenails?

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Fungal Toenails: Onychomycosis

At our Oakville Foot Clinic the Chiropodist will see many people who are concerned about discoloured or thickened toenails. The foot specialist often sees someone with fungal toenails who may be seeing them for something completely unrelated like corns, calluses, or wart treatment.

What is it?

How do I know if I have Fungal Toenails?

  • Mild infections may produce few or no symptoms.
  • In more severe infections, toenails can become discoloured, and thick. They may even detach from the nail bed.

How do you treat it Fungal Toenails?

  • Keep the toenails trimmed and cared for (can be assisted with the help of your Oakville Chiropodist / for specialist)
  • Apply a topical antifungal prescription medication, provided to you by your Oakville Chiropodist.
  • Oral prescription medication from your family physician.

How do you prevent a Fungal Toenail infection?

  • Wear flip-flops or sandals in public showers or public areas – this helps prevents the spread fungal infections.
  • Wash and thoroughly dry your feet.
  • Change socks and footwear daily.
  • Avoid trauma to the toenails (i.e. wear proper fitting shoes).
  • Avoid nail salons that use the same nail polish applicator for all clients.

If you think you may have a fungal infection or athletes foot it’s helpful to treat it early. Don’t be embarrassed to shoe your toes this summer. Book in to our North Oakville Foot Clinic / Chiropodist.