Fun with Lions Valley Athletics- Socks and Socks

Oakville running group- tshirt

The team at our Oakville Clinic has been closely watching the 2016 Rio Olympics. We know that an athletes equipment is very important for them. From the racing suits of swimmers, to the bikes of triathletes. Even the socks or marathoners and runners are important. It takes an athlete some trial and error to discover what works for them. Once they find it, it becomes part of their routine.

The other week some of the runners from Lions Valley Athletics stepped outside of their comfort zone and tried on some new socks. These socks claim to help enhance force production, balance etc. by impacting the central nervous system. We haven’t seen any of the studies from this company regarding these claims, but it was a lot of fun watching the runners trying some of the challenges and trying to knock over coach Kevin!

Oakville Physio clinic, Balance testing.
Having stability tested with socks off.
Oakville Physio Clinic doing balance testing
Testing Coach Kevin from Lions Valley Athletics
Oakville Physiotherapist
Oakville Physiotherapist Tim getting in on the fun!

We’ve heard various reviews with some loving the support and feel of the socks to others finding them a bit too fitted and reverting back to their tried and trusted socks. It was a fun time regardless with Lions Valley Athletics and their crew. If you’re interested in fining an Oakville running group, they’re great. Give them a try at their free group runs leaving from our clinic Wednesday evenings at 7pm!