Foot Pain – Treatment of Morton’s Neuroma

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As we touched upon in our previous post, the treatment for foot pain, and in this case Morton’s Neuroma depends on the person.

The Chiropodist or Physio will do a thorough assessment and the treatment is personalized. A Chiropodist may also refer to a Physio and vice versa. They both have a valuable role in complete care.

What MAY be Suggested for Treatment:
  • Something to support of cushion the area. This may be short term or long term.
  • Something to offload the area. This may be orthotics customized to your foot.
  • Something to help with inflammation. (this may be compression or elevation)
  • Activity modification. This may be related to sports or daily life, or both.
  • Exercises. Depending on what was found in the assessment will guide this. It may be stretching, mobility or strengthening. It will likely be some combination of these. It will also likely be some local exercises and some whole body ones.
  • Injection. Chiropodists are able to provide local cortisone injections. This is not necessarily a first treatment option and they will discuss this with the individual.

Everyone is different. To treat all patients the same would be a disservice.

The goal is to not simply get rid of the pain with short term treatments. We want our patients to be pain free long term and functioning well. This is why it is important to communicate with your Chiropodist and Physiotherapist throughout your treatment plan. Treatment plans are fluid and change based on how you are doing.

If you have foot pain we are here to help.

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