Feeling Sore from Gardening? Tips to Recover Well!

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Wth spring clean up and planting coming up many people feel it in their bodies. Recovery is just as important as the work. Our Oakville Physiotherapists treat sore backs, knees, hips and shoulders often after a marathon gardening session.

You may not realize how many repetitions you have done and how much you have lifted, but your body will tell you in the next day or two! Having some discomfort after doing a new activity or more is not necessarily a problem or unusual. Having pain that prevents you from functioning is. Hopefully you ride the sweet spot of knowing you have done some extra work without lingering or significant pain.

Some methods to recover well include:

  • Staying hydrated – this means not only water, but electrolytes. Some people will sprinkle a pinch of salt in their water or eat a pickle along with their water. A great treat is a having some cucumber to munch on or watermelon!
  • Sleep well. Focussing on sleep when your body has been challenged helps recovery! Schedule in some earlier nights after your hard work.
  • Gentle mobility work – A gentle yoga type flow after the activity and even into the next couple of days. This may feel great after a walk or warm shower. If you don’t know where to begin, our Physiotherapists and yoga therapist can recommend a short routine tailored to you and your needs.
  • Take a bath – soaking in Epsom salts is a nice recovery tool!
  • Schedule a massage. Our Oakville RMTs treat aches and pains due to injury, stress and overuse. Treat yourself to a massage after your spring cleanup or garden planting with one of our North Oakville Massage Therapists!

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