Family Day 2019 – Oakville

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We hope that you have an amazing family day long weekend whatever your family looks like! We’re going to go through some suggestions in taking a breath and enjoying time together with loved ones this weekend.

Put the Phone Away!

Have a challenge with your loved ones to have blocks of time that are phone free time. Put the phone away completely during this time. This means, not in your pocket, not face down, not under your leg etc. This shows the people you are with that they are more important in that movement than the phone. During this phone free time, notice if you are feeling uncomfortable to drawn to “just take a look”. Take note of the reactions of your loved ones as well. Reflect of this. Is it “ok” to feel so attached to your phone? Is it a crutch in uncomfortable situations that is easy to grab? Do you need to take pictures / videos of everything? Maybe enjoy the moments and be fully present instead of viewing them through technology.

It’s interesting, our Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists encourage people to have their phones away during treatment. This includes smart watches. Patients and practitioners are more engaged and focussed on the treatment at hand when phones are away and off.

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All the next suggestions will be awesome to try during your phone free time!

Try a New Recipe!

Whether it’s baking a treat or cooking a meal, this can be a great bonding experience. Going grocery shopping together to choose items, and then hanging out in the kitchen while preparing food can be a fun bonding experience.

If you’re cooking with littles that you know have a shorter attention span, choose a simple recipe with a small number of ingredients. Let them dump things in a stir things up! It’s a great way for them to work on fine motor skills and even math.

Enjoy the time. Chat and catch up.

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Play Board Games

There are coffee shops and restaurants that have a variety of board games that are fun to try. You can also trade and share games with family and friends.

Get Active Together

There are a few free outdoor skating rinks around Oakville as well as our neighbouring cities (Mississauga and Toronto). Weather permitting, take your skates and helmet and get moving! You don’t have to be an amazing skater to have fun. If you haven’t been in awhile, pace yourself, take breaks and maybe shorten your visit. It’s fun to have a hot chocolate after!

Try a family swim at a community centre. Swimming is an excellent activity for the heart and lungs. Move in the water in different ways, spin, kick, push off the wall, jump high etc. You have to move to gain those benefits. It’s more fun to participate rather than hang by the side and watch.

Whether it’s something active or more quiet (or both!), unplug and enjoy the time together. We can sometimes get swept away in the current of daily life. You have some power to change that current to suit you better and be present in your daily life.

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Family Day – 2019

Have an amazing family day weekend. Enjoy one another, and be safe. From the team at Palermo Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre.