Exercises to Prepare for a Safe Ski and Snowboard Season

Oakville Physio Clinic showing injury prevention for ski and snowboard season

Be safe this winter as you go out skiing or snowboarding! Whether it’s an epic week long trip to the Canadian Rockies, or a weekend trip to Blue Mountain, prepare your body for the task.

Even though here in Oakville over the past few weeks it hasn’t felt much like winter, there’s snow up North and Oakville residents want to make the most of our winter. Chiropodist (foot specialist) Arien for example has taken off to Calgary to get to some snow-filled slopes.

Here Oakville Physiotherapist Claire takes us through some ways to help you prepare for your own epic journey. As always, it is best to check with your Physiotherapist or health care practitioner to make sure these exercises are best for you.

With the snow season here and winter ski holidays approaching, taking the time to get ready for ski and snowboard season can ensure an enjoyable time on the slopes (and afterwards!). Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding sports.

Sport specific exercises to help improve:

  • Strength
  • Core stability
  • Balance
  • Flexibility and
  • Endurance

These exercises can help get ready for a safe and fun season. Ideally, exercises should begin 4-6 weeks before the season starts. If you’re heading out sooner, it’s better to start later than never.

From a Physiotherapists perspective, sport specific strengthening exercises to target the lower extremity are important for skiing and snowboarding for injury prevention.

Below are a few exercises to get you started, but an assessment and individualized program by a Physiotherapist can have an added benefit to your ski or snowboard season. I have included a few lower extremity strengthening exercises, as well as core stability and balance to the program below. Equally important components are flexibility, as well as cardiovascular endurance. Examples may include biking, swimming or running.

Strengthening Exercises:

Wall Sit with Theraband (top row): Position knees as shown in photo, don’t allow knees to go past toes. Hold 30sec – 1 min, 2-3 reps.  Side step with Theraband (bottom row): Resistance band above knees, go into a squat position and take 10-15 steps in one direction, and back the other direction. Repeat 3x.

Oakville Physio showing exercises for ski and snowboard season

Hamstring Curl (top left): Lie on your back with heels on ball, lift hips and bend knees to draw ball in. Repeat 10x, 2-3sets. Single Leg Stance on Bosu Ball (top right): Can use pillow at home for unstable surface if a bosu ball is not available. Hold 1 min x 3. Single leg squat off step (bottom): Keeping hips level, drop one leg off step, ensuring your knee does not travel inwards and your knee does not go forwards in front of toes. Repeat 10 reps, 2-3x.

Physiotherapist in oakville showing exercises for sports injury prevention


Stay tuned for core strengthening exercises for skiers and snowboarders from Oakville Physiotherapist Claire.