Elbow Pain – Is it Tennis Elbow?

Tennis player doing mobility exercises from a Oakville Physio clinic

You have elbow pain.

It seems simple enough. You may go online to look for advice or ask a friend who had the “same” problem.

It doesn’t seem to be getting better. Is it Tennis elbow? Is it Golfers elbow? Is the pain even coming from the elbow?

If you have pain that is not going away or that is affecting your daily life our North Oakville Physiotherapists are here to help.

A thorough assessment will give information if your elbow pain is from your elbow, or maybe your neck, or forearm. The physio will get to the bottom of the causes of your pain. They will take into account your lifestyle and activities / sports.

With this information advise and a treatment plan will be tailored specifically to YOU. Why spend weeks do someone else’s exercises that may not be helping as much as they could.

Contact us to book in with one of our awesome North Oakville Physiotherapists. We see patients in person from Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Mississauga. Our physio’s are also able to assess and treat patients virtually (Telehealth) over Ontario. We can direct bill to most insurance companies.

shows woman receiving Telehealth / tele rehabilitation in Milton, Oakville, Burlington Ontario for pain.
Telehealth Physio in Ontario available at Palermo Physio and Wellness