Ease into Activity and Prevent Injury

Weights and barbell training from Oakville Physio

This past year and a half has been unbelievably challenging. With some restrictions being lifted in Ontario this weekend, many of us are eager to get back to workouts. There are many gyms, like Element, on the border of Mississauga and Oakville, who are ready with outdoor workouts for their members.

When restrictions lift, people are eager to return to their regular activities.

With some restrictions still in place this is not possible for everyone and people have taken up new hobbies / activities.

There are many people who have also stopped their previous activity due restrictions whether it be sports, the gym, music, dance, etc.

In our North Oakville Physio, Massage, Chiropody, and Acupuncture clinic, we have been seeing many people with aches, pains, and injuries related to all of the above.

Activity for many in March of 2020 came to a grinding halt. Not everyone had access to, or the desire to seek out a new activity. There can be pain and issues associated with this inactivity. Regular exercise can positively affect pain and mood. Stopping exercise and social activities and add in sedentary work from home in less than optimal work station setup and increased stress from uncertainty and you have a recipe for a problem. We treated a lot of neck, back, and shoulder pain from sitting and not moving.

Alternatively, many people decided to try a new activity when their previous ones were no longer accessible. This also caused problems. Our physiotherapists, RMT’s and foot specialists saw injuries and pain from people diving into a new activity full force. Their bodies had not had a chance to adapt from going from lifting weights primarily to running or walking longer distances. We treated a lot of knee pain, shin splints and plantar fasciitis from walking and running hours at a time without having done these activities before.

When restrictions lift and people return to lifting weights and activities like HIIT and CrossFit, it feels good and is hard not to jump right in. It is tempting to lift the same weights as when you left and follow the same routine. Our sports medicine physiotherapists caution a quick return. Ease in to prevent injury and to make your return a success. It would be a shame to start up and then have to take time off due to pain / injury. A good coach / trainer will help guide you back. Our physiotherapists always suggest a slow and conservative start when there is no rush to competition. It is important to recover well also. Have rest days, prioritize sleep and eating enough and healthfully. Treat yourself after a couple weeks to a recovery massage.

Massage of the legs showing Oakville RMT

If you have questions or concerns returning to activity our Physiotherapists can help steer you in the right direction.

Contact us for more information. We are seeing people in person at our North Oakville location as well as virtually from anywhere in Ontario.north