Do your Shoe’s Fit? From an Oakville Chiropodist

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If the shoes fits….

Or something like that.

It’s easy to get fixated on what we believe or have been told in the past is our shoe size. The fit and comfort of the actual shoe is what’s most important. The is because even in the same brand of shoes, you may be a different size with different types of shoes.

Don’t squeeze your feet into shoes that are too small because you want them to be that size.

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When you’re trying on shoes make sure you are standing and fully weight bearing through your foot. You want to make sure that your longest toe (usually your first or second toe) are 3/8″ to 5/8″ from the end of the shoe. This ensures you have some space for movement and to accommodate swelling / fullness as the day progresses.

With regards to the width of the shoe, there shouldn’t be any overhang or bulging over the sole of the shoe. If there is it is an indication that the shoe is too small. If the fabric bunches or your foot is sliding from side to side, this may be a sign that the shoe is too wide for you.

Ensuring you have footwear that fits properly is essential for the health of your feet, and can translate to your body above. In shoes that are too large you may work your feet and toes extra hard by gripping into the sole and taking smaller steps. You may even be at risk for ankle sprains or other injuries due to trips and falls. In shoes that are too small your toes can become crowded and lead to the development or worsening of bunions.

There are some people with different sized feet, up to a few sizes. There are some stores that allow you to purchase a pair of shoes in two different sizes rather than buying two pairs of shoes.

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