Diabetic Foot Check with a Chiropodist – Oakville Foot Clinic

bare feet showing Halton foot clinic for foot pain

If you have type I or II diabetes you may have been advised to see a Chiropodist. Depending on how long you have had diabetes, how it has been managed, and if you have foot pain or numbness it may be important to see a Chiropodist sooner.

Our North Oakville Foot Clinic and Chiropodists see many patients with regards to a diabetic foot check as well a more regular foot care appointments.

What is Involved in a Diabetic Foot Checkup?


Your Chiropodist will review your health history and medications. They will ask about you more recent diabetic history and recent blood sugar levels. They will as if you have had any previous issues with your feet and ankles. Your foot specialist will also ask about any previous foot care treatments and how they went.

Vascular Check

Your Chiropodist will check the circulation of your feet. They will assess the temperature of our feet, skin colour, hair growth, veins, swelling etc.

Skin Check / Dermatological Check

At your diabetic foot checkup, your Chiropodist will look at the skin of the feet, ankles and lower legs. They will be checking the skin for signs of breakdown or infection. They will be looking for things like corns, callouses, thick or deformed toenails, and ingrown toenails. The Chiropodist will look for any marks, moles, lumps, discolouration as well as for signs of ulcers.

Nerve Check

This is a foot sensation check. Your Chiropodist will check the sensation on all parts of the feel. These tests are pain free and check for pressure and vibration sensation. This is important because lack on sensation or neuropathy can be dangerous if the feet are not supported and monitored properly.

Diabetic Foot Treatment / Education

Education is always a key component of treatment.

The Chiropodist will discuss with you how diabetes can affect the feet. They will discuss with you how your feet are doing and the findings of their check. They will also educate you or remind you of things that you can and should be doing at home to keep your feet safe.

They will be making recommendations about your footwear, socks, possible insoles to reielve pressure points as well as self- care. The Chiropodist will discuss with you possible benefits of routine footsore and regular checks. Based on the findings that day they will suggest specific time intervals between appointments to keep your feet safe and healthy.

The Chiropodist will address and treat any issues they see that day. This will include clipping / tripping toenails, treating any wounds, removing corns or callouses etc.

Our North Oakville Chiropodists service patients in Oakville, Milton, and Burlington generally. Contact us to book in, or if you have any questions. Foot care is covered by most private insurance. We do offer a seniors rate.