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It’s “that time” of the year again. Many of our foot clinic patients realize that they haven’t visited our Oakville Chiropodists for their annual custom orthotics.

While time has been a strange thing in 2020, many people insurance benefits will renew in January. This generally makes it optimal for most people to get their custom orthotics at the end of THIS year!

Avoid the end of season rush this year and book your appointment now with our Oakville Chiropodists.

What to Expect:

During your visit in our North Oakville foot clinic, you will have plenty of time for a thorough assessment. You will be asked to do a variety of movements, like standing, marching, walking and maybe running.

The goal of our Chiropodists, is to work with you towards your goals. This may be to increase your foot comfort while at work, or during leisure. This may be to decrease pain. This may be to protect against areas of pressure in a foot that has limited sensation due to stroke, diabetes, or neuropathy. The Chiropodist will be going over some things with you and in their mind such as:

  • How does your foot/ankle look when you stand, sit and walk?
  • Is your foot flexible? Is your foot stiff?
  • Do you have areas of pain?
  • What areas of your foot bear weight?
  • What does the wear pattern look like in your regular shoe?
  • What type of shoe will you be using your orthotic in?
  • What activities will you be using your orthotic for primarily?
  • Do you have any health or joint issues like diabetes, a leg length difference, scoliosis, arthritis, bunions, hammer toes?
Oakville Nordic Pole walking Physio

The technique our North Oakville Chiropodists choose to use to get the full impression of your foot and ankle, is plaster of paris casting. This may seem less impressive than a laser, but it is actually our Chiropodists preferred assessment. They have found that it provides the best impression of the foot / ankle and the best outcomes for custom orthotics for their patients. The only major downfall of this technique is that it takes a little more time for the foot specialist to prepare and clean up. There is also some extra time for the casting to to dry on the foot.

Chiropodists do not generally use the foam impressions to gain the foot impressions. This is actually not an acceptable technique as outlined by the Chiropody College and many insurance companies.

When you book in for an orthotic assessment with our Chiropodists, you are not obligated to get orthotics. You will be assessed in the above way at the cost of a regular foot assessment, or a follow-up if you are a previous patient.

You will be casted if you have decided to go ahead with the orthotics.

Contact us for more information and to book an appointment.