Core Exercises for Ski and Snowboard Season

Ice showing how to treat an acute injury in a physio and massage clinic

Our last blog post had Oakville Physiotherapist Claire gave suggestions for strengthening exercises when prepping for ski and snowboarding season. Your core will be assisting you in all of your sport specific exercises but it is important to train for ski and snowboard season!

Your core will help you modify and react to bumps and unexpected conditions. It is important to have endurance in these muscles to help you over the day (or days) of activity.

Below you’ll find a few examples of core strengthening exercises from Oakville Physio Claire. Remember that for exercises specific to you and your goals, it’s best to have a individualized Physio assessment and program.

Core exercises for injury prevention from an oakville Physio


Bird Dog (top left): Start with only arm extension, then progress to alternate arm and legs. Ensure back is flat and pelvis does not rotate. Hold 5 seconds, repeat 15x on each side. Plank (top right): Hold straight line without hips dropping or sticking up in the air. Hold 30 seconds 5 reps. Side Plank (bottom): Keeping a straight line from hips to shoulder, hold 30s x 5. To make it easier, start on knees and to make it more challenging, lift top leg up.