Chiropodist Callus Treatment

treatment of calluses by oakville chiropodist at oakville foot clinic

You look down at your feet in the spring / summer and you notice areas that may not be smooth. You’re wanting to wear sandals so you just go for a pedicure. You don’t know where to start

Did you know that Chiropodists treat a variety of foot and toenail issues? This includes the skin.

What is a Callus?

Calluses are areas of hard, thickened skin. On the foot there may be calluses on the heel, the ball of the foot and on the inner side of the big toe.

What Causes Calluses?

Calluses form from repetitive friction and pressure from shoes or the ground. The skin responds to pressure and friction over time through forming calluses.

Calluses that occur on the bottom of the foot form when small areas of the foot carry more than their share of body weight force. This can happen at the bases of the toes at the ball of the foot and can vary with how we walk and bare weight.

Calluses can become a painful area that may affect how we walk or move and therefore the body above it.

We see people of all ages in our North Oakville foot clinic for calluses. Hockey players or skaters can often develop calluses as well as dancers, baseball players and soccer players. Runners and distance runners also have a tendency to develop calluses.

Post-partum women who have had foot changes during pregnancy, may notice that they have callus formation in different or new areas. Our Chiropodists can help with this.

oakville foot clinic treating thick toenails

What will a Chiropodist do?

A Chiropodist will not just treat your calluses, they will look at the causing factors as well. There may be things they can suggest to prevent callus formation or to slow their development. This may include footwear and other protection.

They will look at how you stand, move and the skin itself. they will assess the area and ensure it is a callus they will be treating and not something like a plantar wart. They will offer treatment suggestions and get your permission to move forward with treatment of the foot.

They may refer you to a physiotherapist to provide you with exercises to help with your strength and range of motion. This can help if the way you walk or weight bare has a role in your callus formation.

The Chiropodist Difference:

There can be times when calluses hide ulcers and infection underneath. This can happen in cases of diabetes and in people who have numbness or sensation differences. It is important to not only treat the callus in these cases but also address these areas of pressure. In these cases the Chiropodist may suggest custom orthotics that are built for you that relieve these areas of pressure and allow the area to heal more effectively.

Chiropodists use tools that have cleaned and sterilized using an autoclave. The autoclave must be maintained to ensure the effectiveness of the process. This prevents infections through the use of clean tools.

Chiropodists are medical professionals who are trained in a post graduate doctorate program. They view your foot from a medical and health lens rather than a purely aesthetic lens. You are paying for their medical expertise as well as their sterilization and medical equipment. Although we have had patients call this process a “medical pedicure”!

Please contact us to book in with one of our wonderful Chiropodists to assess and treat your foot issue.