Casting for Orthotics

Currently at our Oakville Foot Clinic we use plaster of Paris casting for an impression of the foot and arch structure for orthotics. This whole appointment involves an assessment with the Chiropodist on the purpose of the orthotics, the goals of the patient, and a thorough biomechanics assessment.

At our Palermo Physio and Wellness foot clinic, our Chiropodist uses plaster of Paris casting. This is the gold standard of casting techniques. It is able to capture the foot in a neutral position. We call this position “subtler neutral”. This is especially useful in capturing a cast for functional foot orthotics. These are used to improve the biomechanics function of the foot.

If you have questions regarding how you may benefit from orthotics, and the process of our techniques please call us! (905) 582-9700, or email