Basic Strengthening Exercises for Runners

Running shadows showing oakville physio clinic, massage therapy, foot clinic

We see many runners at our Oakville Physiotherapy, Massage and Foot Clinic for a variety of issues. These can range from nagging aches and pains to progressive pain or sudden injuries like an ankle sprain. Most of these patients will have some form of mobility work and strengthening as part of their treatment. Like many athletes we see in our Oakville clinic, the runners we see wish to spend most of their time focusing on their sport and sport specific drills. While specificity in training is certainly important in attaining the times and motor patterns directly related to your activity, so too is additional strengthening programming. This strength training can add to performance but even more importantly, injury prevention that can help keep you active in your season.

We recently had some of the runners from Lions Valley Athletics in our space to go through some basic body weight strengthening exercises they can use in their training. Oakville Physiotherapist Tim did an awesome job putting together a short program for the runners and assisting in correcting their form. Initiating strengthening exercises and completing repetitions (reps) with optimal form before adding weights is important in creating ideal habitual movement.

Body Weight Squat


Alternating Lunge


Single Leg Squat Progression

Side Plank

Single Leg Deadlift


The above videos are a small example of some quick and easy body weight strengthening exercises runners can use to help prevent injury as well as increase performance. Make sure to discuss with your Coach or Physiotherapist regarding if these exercises are appropriate for you as well as how many repetitions, sets, and days per week you should perform them. Another discussion to have is ideal timing of the exercises in relation to your normal training schedule.

Contact our Oakville Physiotherapists for a program that is ideal for you. remember that you do no need to have an injury to access Physio care. Physiotherapists are great allies if injury prevention and maintenance are your goals.