Baby Toenails – From an Oakville Chiropodist

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Caring for your baby’s toenails is something new parents don’t think about – until baby arrives!

Did you know that baby’s are often born with long fingernails and toenails?

Did you know that baby’s can also be born with ingrown nails and toenails!?

If you are feeling in over your head, we are here to help. Caring for and clipping your baby’s toenails can be very stressful for people. There is fear of cutting and injuring the baby as well as the baby having problems from the ingrown toenail.

Newborns tend to have soft, but fast growing nails that can become sharp or snag on things.

It is best to keep baby’s nails clean and short to prevent cutting or scarping themselves.

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Here are Some Tips:

  • Check baby’s nails often. Baby’s nails grow quickly. They should be trimmed a couple times a week.
  • Trim the toenails when baby is calm. This may be after a bath or during sleep. Trimming during feeding may also be an option if it’s not too distracting for your little one.
  • Get backup. Having a second set of hands can be helpful to hold the baby still or distract.
  • Don’t trim too low. Try and pull the skin back and out of the way but avoid going too low.

Our North Oakville Chiropodists are here to help. If you have concerns about your little ones feet or toenails we can see them. They will be covered under most parental benefit plans.

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