Avoid Slips this Winter!

Ice showing how to treat an acute injury in a physio and massage clinic

Winter is a time when Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinics, such as ours here in Oakville, begin to see people who have hurt themselves from slipping on the slush and ice outside. This injuries include people breaking or spraining their wrist from trying to break their fall, injuring shoulders from falling on it or grabbing hold of something. Hip and lower back injuries can occur from the fall and even from correcting yourself to prevent the fall. While as Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists we treat people after these types of injuries, it is important to try and prevent them.

One large thing you can do is wear footwear that has good traction on a slippery surface. This may seem like a simple solution but many people run out to the car for a quick errand in running shoes or head off to work in dress shoes or heels. Wearing a proper pair of winter boots at this time of the year is much like putting snow tires on you car. It can be a little more cumbersome or time consuming to have to change your shoes but it will benefit you in the long run! Be safe at this time of the year as you head out Christmas shopping or if you choose to enjoy a crisp walk. Not everyone may be as diligent as you are with snow removal and salting.

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Our view to Dundas Street from Palermo Professional Centre.