Ask a Chiropodist – How do Diabetics benefit from Orthotics?

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The perception of many people is that a custom orthotic is something only for young people or athletes.

In reality Custom Orthotics, with proper measurement and fitting, can benefit many people. In particular, we provide Custom Orthotics in the Oakville and surrounding communities to people who have diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.

A properly fit, truly custom orthotic can accommodate structural and functional deformities of the foot. This is instrumental in offloading areas of pressure and prevent tissue breakdown. Ultimately, a proper fitting custom orthotic, in addition to foot care, can prevent serious infections from this tissue breakdown.

If you have diabetes, circulatory problems or peripheral neuropathy affecting sensation in the feet, ask Oakville’s Palermo Physio and Wellness foot clinic how Orthotics can be of benefit to you!

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Here are a Few Points to Consider:
  • Standing on a force plate that provides you one of a hanfull of options of off the shelf “Orthotics” is not a TRUE Custom Orthotic and not sufficient in this case.
  • Possible infections and tissue breakdown from improperly fitting shoes and insoles in those with Diabetes can result in serious health complications. It is vital to have a Podiatric foot Specialist or Chiropodist as part of your health care team.
  • To be properly assessed, the specialist you see needs to see how you stand and walk. They should also use plaster of paris casting to best capture your foot structure.
  • Custom Orthotics ARE covered through private insurance.