Are your Flip Flops a Flop?

Flip flops by an Oakville pool. Keep feet wart free with foot clinic and chiropodist help in oakville.

The sun is shining in Oakville and Halton area and we want to let our feet loose! In a few weeks the Chiropodist Brittney and Physiotherapists Lisa and Claire will start seeing more people complaining of foot pain, heel pain and other aches and pains, and wondering why?! While nothing says summer weather like flip flops, regular use of flip flops can cause pain as well as lead to longer term issues. While Brittney the Chiropodist (Foot Care Specialist) certainly supports the use of flip flops or deck shoes while in change rooms and pool decks to help prevent Warts and Fungal Infectionsbut it’s not ideal to wear flip flops as leisure or walking shoes due to many factors. 

Flip Flops change the biomechanics of your foot – in order to keep them on you have to scrunch your toes and grip the shoe. This can cause stress on your shins, metatarsal heads and heels. Early warning signs of injury is pain and tenderness in these areas as well as knee, hip and low back pain caused by lack of support and altered walking pattern. Keep your feet and other joints healthy – invest in good supportive footwear to prevent injury. A Chiropodist can help guide you in what type of shoes and sandals will work for you.

Oakville footcare, foot pain caused by flip flops
Our Oakville Chiropodist can help with foot pain.