8 Simple Snow Shoveling Tips!

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As we see the snow falling from our Oakville Foot Care, Massage, and Physio Clinic and hear about the expected “Blizzard 2015” for our neighours south of the border, it’s important to remember some safety tips as we maneuver around today and in the future.

  • Avoid shoveling snow if you are not physically fit – If you have not been physically active or are not physically do not shovel. Snow shoveling can put strain on your back as well as heart. It is not like lifting a couple grocery bags into the car, it is repetitive work. It can often be deceiving how hard you’re working because it’s cold outside. Consult with your physician if you are not sure regarding your capacity to shovel. Your Physiotherapist is able to provide you with a strengthening program to help ensure that you have a general level of strength and fitness that allow you to participate in tasks of daily life when they pop up.
  • Warm-Up –  get your heart, body and joints moving and prepared for the task at hand.
  • Pace Yourself – Shovel your driveway often – don’t wait until you have 2 feet of snow on your driveway before getting started. Shoveling more often ensures there is less snow making for a lighter load. It’s tempting to rush to get it all done at one time but it is recommended that you shovel at a rate of no more than 15 scoops per minuteOrthotics, best foot care, Massage, RMT, Rehabilitation, arthritis, Bronte,
  • Lighten the Load with the Right Shovel – use a smaller / lighter shovel to avoid the temptation of lifting too much snow.
  • Bundle Up!
  • Push – Don’t Lift – use a scoop shovel that can just be tilted to empty the snow.
  • Face the Load straight on if you must lift – point your feet in the direction you will throw the snow. Don’t twist at the waist.
  • Wear Proper Footwear. Wear boots that have good grips/ good soles to avoid slips and falls while shoveling.