Continuing to Learn Everyday!

Oakville tree out of book, showing physio Massage learning about speech pathologists and speech therapists

As Health Care Professionals our Oakville Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Chiropodist (foot care specialist) are designated by our Colleges to continue educating ourselves – regardless of this mandate we all are continually interested in learning and learning from one another. Physio Claire has recently completed her Level 2 upper extremity course and is at a conference this weekend where she will learn more about concussion management, Physio Lisa has completed her Level 5 manual therapy course, Chiropodist Brittney attended a Chiropody conference a few weekends ago, and Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Josephine recently completed an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization course.

We love to expand our knowledge within our fields in order to better assist those we work with, but another great way to assist our patients is to continue to be more aware of the role of other practitioners. We were lucky the other night to be afforded the opportunity to learn more about the role of Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) and Audiologists from our Palermo Professional Centre neighbours¬†Chorus Speech and Hearing Centre.¬†Here are some key points we took out of the session:Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy in Oakville, Bronte, Palermo, Medical building

  • SLPs assess and treat speech and language concerns for people of all ages whether it be for issues such as the formation of words, the coordination or use of muscles related to speech, stuttering and to help with communication for those who have been identified on the autism spectrum (as a small example).
  • SLPs deal with not only speech, langauge and communication issues – but also have a role in swallowing (for example if you are choking or feeling as if you are having trouble swallowing foods of various consistencies)
  • From an Audiologists perspective – Things in our everyday environment are louder than we think. Think twice about giving your babies toys that make noise. Also, be selective about the ear buds / ear phones you use or your children use. There are better to help prevent early hearing loss.

We’d like to thank Chorus for giving us the opportunity for continued professional growth as well as Tria Bakery and Cafe for a delicious spread!

Tria Bakery in North Oakville Spread of food in palermo professional centre